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"Remote and Available"
Tin House

"In her message, The Woman had said she was looking for someone who understood the elegance of the butch/femme dynamic, as she’d just graduated from a liberal arts college where 'everyone had a tiresome need to gender-fuck.'”

"Watch Her Go"

"Now you wonder what her pussy tastes like—if it’s like a wine cooler, sweet, with little deposits of bitter. Your brother once told you that pussy tastes like a dog.  'How would you know what a dog tastes like?' you asked."

The Chase © 2012 Amy Gall

“The Trickle Down Effect”
Writer's Bloq
Writers Bloq Staff Pick

"The first thing is a true drip.  I am a crustacean.  I am a vampire squid.  There is no light. The drip is a constant, blinking sound.  It is a rolling of liquid across my belly.  There is no light.  The drip defines shape, closes off openings, and rips holes in the ends of things.  There is no light."

Twisting Pike © 2012 Amy Gall

“Five Years”
Wilde Magazine

"You climb into bed and watch her undress. Her brown pants and button up shirt wilt
unceremoniously off of her body. You try to study her nakedness, memorize the fullness of her breasts, their stark whiteness, the brown nipples that harden against the cold."

Poolside © 2010 Amy Gall

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